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About Do Mi No Music Studio

We're all about mastering the piano and live the music magic with every tune played  

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Jasmina (Mina) Topic Your Piano Teacher

Enjoy your lessons with a friendly, professional, and highly qualified teacher.

Mina has a gift and love for teaching, passing on her passion for music to her students in a way that motivates them, whether young or wise and tailoring their lessons to meet their needs and goals. Her main goal is to make lessons fun and enjoyable as being engaged in music should be a pleasure and well-kept memory for a lifetime.

Mina has taught private piano lessons for over 16 years to both children and adults.

Jasmina's Education

Her music education started early, when she was 6 years old. After completing the Primary and High School of Music in Skopje, Macedonia, choosing Piano as a main instrument, she decided to enroll the Academy of Music and specialize in Theory and Pedagogy of Music. She holds Bachelor of Arts degree,  with Piano as a main instrument and Percussions as a second instrument.


Frequently Asked Questions

At what age my child can start with piano lessons?

This is one of most asked questions ever. A child is ready for lessons as soon as they show interest to play anything on the piano and can keep their focus for 10 minutes on one task.
Do Mi No Music Studio uses various teaching methods and one of them is the Pre-reading programme for children under 5 years old.  We promise they will have a lot of fun!

Is it too late for me to start with lessons?

It is never too early, or too late, for music. We have many adults in Do Mi No Music Studio and they truly enjoy lessons and progress nicely. We use a special Accelerated Adult method for Adult Beginners with supplemental material of Classic and Popular Music.

How much should my child be practicing every week?

The best would be if they work 20-30 min at least 4 times a week. The most important is that they meet the set weekly goals for that time.

How often should we come for lessons to get best result?

Over the years we had students coming once or twice a week, but it appears that the best frequency would be once a week for 30 - 60 min lesson, depends on the student's age / level.

Young Boy Playing the Piano

Teaching Experience

Mina's teaching experience started when she finished her studies and started to work as a Music Teacher in NOVA International Schools (Primary and High School), teaching Music to Year 0-4 and Music Appreciation to Year 11-12 students, also leading the Primary School Choir and teaching individual piano lessons after school hours.

Later, she moved to Vienna, Austria, where she was teaching Music in Vienna International School and teaching private piano lessons to both young and adult students. In 2018 she moved with her family to Auckland, New Zealand, where she was teaching piano in several Primary schools across Auckland (also as part of a Music Education Centre) including Takapuna Primary.

Mina worked for one year in Eliette's Music Academy where she got licensed as a Simply Music Teacher before she started her own business and opened Do Mi No Music Studio, located in Rothesay Bay. Mina teaches Music in Albany Junior High School since 2019, as well as leading the School's Big Band  and offering individual piano lessons in the school. 

As of 2021 she is working with the Primary School Choir in Pinehurst School.

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Teaching Methods

Each individual requires different approach based on their previous experience and knowledge, so the methods in Do Mi No Music Studio are tailored according to the student's needs.Most commonly used method is the Faber method, Grade 1-5, as well as the Trinity and ABRSM Exam curriculum for those students who are interested in grading.​ Very young students (4-5 years old) are introduced to the basic theory of music and reading notation using the Pre-reading Faber books which are a lot of fun, and this method works just wonderfully.

For adult beginners we have a different approach using the Accelerated Books for adult beginner and wide selection of classical music pieces of famous composers, using chords and notation.

Simply Music method is used with the students eager to play complex and impressive music pieces before they engage in learning theory and reading notation. There is something for everyone and every student is warmly welcomed in the Do Mi No Music Studio, with a positive energy and professionalism.

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Are You Ready to Start Learning & Playing Piano?

Join Do Mi No Music Studio to learn, play and enjoy the piano magic with a piano and music specialist teacher.

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