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Piano on Dim Stage


Get informed and be part of our events throughout the year...


Spring Piano Recital '20

The first performance of our Do Mi No music family was organized  in November, 2020,  called Spring Piano Recital. At that time the studio was called Topic Piano Studio before it was renamed officially to Do Mi No Piano Studio.

There were 12 participants on age of 5-13 years old.


              Fusion Concert

Why not jazzing around while waiting for a Christmas to come?

All students of DoMiNo Music Studio will show their skills playing in Jazz & Blues rhythm, some of them on different instruments, for the End of the Year Concert 2022.

The repertoire is rich of famous and some not very famous songs, but that should not stop you from coming and enjoying our show.

Prepare your clapping hands and tapping feet, and join us for the last show this year at the Albany Junior High School's Performing Arts Centre on 10th of December at 5 pm.

Entrance is free.

Name that tune - Event poster.jpg

Name that Tune! Piano recital '21 

Our tradition continues... 

This year we are planning our Annual Piano Recital to be of a different character - Popular Songs and Tunes from Movies. We look forward to another event that will bring joy and a smile to our audience. Our students are working hard on their music selection and will surprise you all with their performance. 

Three persons that will be selected from the pool and have their answers right, will get a special, "sweet", prize.

Travel through time - Piano recital invitation.jpg

Travel through time
Midyear Piano Recital '22

Save the date!

And take part in our midyear Piano Recital -

Travel through time.

Let us guide you through different music eras while

enjoying the performance of selected music pieces

from famous composers.

DoMiNo Music Studio students are performing.


POster for web page.png

Get ready to Rock!
End of the year Concert '23

Come as you are, leave as a Rocker...

The End of the Year concert this year will be in tribute to the best rock bands of all times.

It's about the time our kids of the new generation to get familiar with legendary rock bands and their popular songs - how else if not by playing their tune?

Come and be part of our rock theme concert and enjoy the performance of Domino Music Studio's students.

There will be some surprises, special guests and riffle tickets for amazing gift hampers.

Let's rock and have fun. 

The playlist of songs performed at the concert is

Image by Johannes Plenio

Are You Willing To Master Playing Piano Effortlessly?

Join Do Mi No Music Studio to learn, play and enjoy the piano magic with a piano and music specialist teacher.

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